Second week of my sabbatical.

This week has been spent cursing technology, as our PC at home broke down.  The IT geek who looked at it a couple of days later concluded it had simply overheated and expired.  So the old one (also thought to be broken) was dragged from the cellar and re-established in the office at home. Much to my surprise and after deleting a whole load of old programmes (mainly PC Games), that I think may have overloaded it and given the user the impression that is was dead, it came back to life. However, unlike the lightning fast speeds of computers we are now used to at work, this big heavy box was more akin to a Shopmobility scooter and I spent the next day cursing my quick typing – the machine lagging at least a paragraph behind.

So Thursday, Currys became the proud owners of the balance of my savings account and I got hold of a new laptop in return.  I even chose a white one so the kids can pretend it’s an Apple. And of course the major joy will be having the ability to take it with me to London and do stuff whilst between meetings.  I didn’t realise how dependent I am on “going back to my desk” to fill in the time gaps between cups of coffee and chats. There’s only so much I can do on a Blackberry.

So this week, apart from the tech problems, I had the chance to meet with the very inspiring Nicola Hain, of  She talked to Sam Sparrow, from Catch22, and I for over four hours!  But it was worth it, as she has some very interesting ideas on developing one of the Convergence “products” and also some very interesting connections (more later).

On the downside of this week, I didn’t manage to get to Business Link’s session on how to set up a Social Enterprise (Tuesday), as I live in Watford and therefore am not allowed to go to London events. This is of course a nonsense, as London is 20 mins away, whereas some of the events that I qualify for, by virtue of geography, are 2 or 3 hours drive into East Anglia. Crazy. Luckily Sandy went instead and I look forward to finding out what I need to do next.

However, I have started to draft our Articles of Association etc and have some very thick and impenetrable forms to fill in for Companies House.  I wonder why this is so laborious –  surely the Government needs to simplify the setting up of businesses, as thickos like me may fall at the first page.

Next week – two days full of meetings, two days full of admin, then a trip to Manchester with the day job and a revisit to City Hall on Friday.


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