We are urgently looking for 2 social entrepreneurs (non French) for a super cool event in France! ALL COST COVERED. The event is to be held in beautiful CHAMONIX on 9th – 12th November

Les Rencontres du Mont-Blanc (RMB) are looking for 2 young leaders to be part of the event (all costs covered). They would have to present their profile so that RMB organizers decide who they sponsor for this great opportunity.

Email me your profile directly by 8TH JULY 2011 12noon latest if you want to take part.

The 5th Mont Blanc Meetings will be an opportunity to show how the social economy can promote sustainable and inclusive development and give new meaning to the idea of sustainable development. A few months before the heads of states gather in Rio for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012, the 5th Mont Blanc Meetings will be the perfect platform for the social economy to question global policy-makers.

To read the press release on the event, click here

For additional information, please click here

Find the draft agenda in French here and in English here .

If you – or someone who know – is interested you will need to present a profile so that RMB organizers decide who they sponsor.

Kind regards, Kate Duffy, Network Coordinator Euclid Network – the European network of civil society professionals

Apply here for our Social Innovation Competition for Naples. Be part of an exciting project and turn your idea into a project!

T: +44 (0) 20 7280 4987

E: kate.duffy@euclidnetwork.eu

W: www.euclidnetwork.eu

Twitter: @EuclidNetwork 

LinkedIn: European Civil Society Leaders group 

Facebook: Euclid Network

1 New Oxford Street : London : WC1A 1NU : United Kingdom


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